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Friday, April 4, 2008

Rest room Stories

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Ok so im sure we all know about that unspoken rule about public bathroom stalls, where you NEVER go and use the urinal directly next to someone, unless all the other ones are full. I mean it causes others to feel uncomfortable.
Ok so this story takes place at my high school. So every day near the end of lunch, i would go use the rest room, And so one day as i do this ritual of reliving my self. And this guy walks in, like he is old, maybe like 50, and he beaks that holy rule, and goes to the urinal right next to me, flops out his little man, and lets loose, then he looked over and down at me...What did i do? i ran the heck out of there.
Now it is the next day, and i go to the rest room at the same time, and the same thing happens. Accept he looked at my man, not just at me, so i got really freaked out, and i blushed cause of the embarrassment, and he said hi...and i ran the hell out of there.
These similar events kept accruing till the end of the week, and for some reason even when i went to different bathrooms.
So on this Friday i finally spoke up when he same up to the stall directly next to me, and i said "so know, i really love these moments we have together" then he gave me this really funny look, like i was the weird psycho guy, then he frowned at me, and marched out, and i never saw him again....but the next week, on Monday, i had to go number 2, and as i sat in that stall doing my business, another nightmare accrued, the stall next to me became occupied by a fat P.E teacher, and he started trying to talk to me, and well....

wtf is up with old people and bothering students in the rest room?

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