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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chalk hits a teacher on her stomach

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In a class one day after the bell had rang it took some time for the next teacher yo come to class. So the students began to play chalk fight. Initially it started off with a few guys but later on more and more kept joining in and later on it was like a war being fought with chalks.

After a while the teacher whose lecture it was made her way to the class. Now this particular teacher was pregnant. On opening the class door one of the boys aiming to hit is friend threw the chalk hard but it missed the friend and went and hit the teacher on her stomach.

The teacher gave a slight scream ahhh cause it hit her pretty hard. The teacher then got really angry. There was silence in the class. The teacher then asked in a loud voice. "Who is responsible for this??" From the middle one of the students going unnoticed said a bit loud "Your Husband"

The whole class burst out laughing. Hahahahaha

I hope you'll get the joke Wink

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