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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hurt or Heal

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I'm sure the majority of people here are familiar with the premise, but just to summarize for those who aren't: you're allowed to add or subtract a total of 4 points to current entries on the list; when an entry gets down to zero points, they're eliminated. The last entry remaining wins.
It doesn't matter how you distribute the points, so long as you don't exceed 4. For example, I could heal Metroid for 4, or damage Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong Country for 1 each and heal The Legend of Zelda for 2. Using the votes of other people is not allowed.You can either heal or hurt.

The theme for this game is, obviously, game series.

Advance Wars 20
Castlevania 20
Donkey Kong Country 20
Final Fantasy 20
Gran Turismo 20
Halo 20
The Legend of Zelda 20
Mega Man 20
Metal Gear 20
Metroid 20
Pokemon 20
Resident Evil 20
Sonic 20
Street Fighter 20
Super Mario Brothers 20

To start: Halo -2.
Copy and paste the the last entries...

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